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Fishing In Alaska

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Alaska is one of the best destinations for unforgettable sportfishing adventures and catching the best fish. If you are ready to plan your next fishing trip and want to catch lingcod, rock cod, and sea bass, it’s recommended to book your fishing trip well in advance before the season opens to secure your spot. Alaskan Anglers are the best to help you catch these fish, and our captains know the perfect fishing spots and will provide advice and guidance throughout the entire fishing trip. The best months for fishing sea bass, lingcod, and rock cod are May, June, July, August, and September.

Food Pairings

After you catch your fish and take them home, the fun continues by showing off your fresh catch and pairing it with mouthwatering side dishes and seasonings. Each type of fish has its own tastes and texture and pairings. Learn about each one below.

Lingcod is firm, tender, and moist, with great texture and large flakes. When cut into fillets, ling is nearly boneless and has a distinct taste. Its flavor is more robust than codfish but very similar, and its flesh is firm and flaky, similar to a lobster. Lingcod is mild in taste and pairs well with lemon and dill, Mediterranean dishes, and white wine. 

Rock codfish is lean, delicate meat with a medium to firm texture, and it has a slightly sweet and nutty flavor. Rock Cod pairs well with various side dishes, including rice and cooked vegetables, and white wine as well.

Sea bass is a white fish with a mild, delicate flavor. It is less fishy than other fish, and the flesh is moist, buttery, and firm with medium-sized flakes. For seasoning, butter and lemon sauce, dill, lemongrass, ginger, and cilantro go well on sea bass, and pair well with potatoes, cooked veggies, salad, and quinoa. The best wine selections that compliment the fish’s flavor are Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay, and Sauvignon Blanc.

Cooking Your Fish

Before you choose a cooking method, there are many factors to consider, including the size of the fish, the fish’s flavor, if you keep the skin on or off, and if you have whole fish or fillets. All these factors will determine whether you bake, pan-fry, or grill your fish. Various recipes will offer tips and suggestions.

  • Sea Bass: There are many options for cooking sea bass. Some recipes require little prep time, but others may take more time to prepare and cook. Before cooking, pat dry your fish and season lightly. Whole sea bass is excellent steamed or roasted or fried. Fillets can be fried or baked.
  • Lingcod: It’s best seared, baked, or grilled.
  • Rock Cod: Rock cod is excellent with a buttery or citrus sauce, baked or seared. 

Ready to set sail and catch the best fish to show off your cooking skills?