Alaska Fishing May-September

Fishing Season In Alaska Is Almost Here!

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Fishing season is near! Take a break and immerse yourself in the wonders of Gustavus, Alaska. T​​he beauty of Alaska unfolds during the summer months, revealing picturesque views and glorious nature in full bloom. May 1st kicks off the spectacular fishing season, which is the best time to get a head start in filling up your freezer with King Salmon, …

Alaska Fishing

Fishing In Alaska

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Alaska is one of the best destinations for unforgettable sportfishing adventures and catching the best fish. If you are ready to plan your next fishing trip and want to catch lingcod, rock cod, and sea bass, it’s recommended to book your fishing trip well in advance before the season opens to secure your spot. Alaskan Anglers are the best to …

Brown bear with an Alaskan salmon in its mouth.

Reel In the New Year With Alaskan Salmon

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Not only do we love fresh caught Alaskan Salmon, but so does the wildlife around us! Isn’t it amazing that Alaskan wildlife is going after the same catches you are! While the bears can only find the salmon hanging out in freshwater, our fishing excursions will bring you to find the best the ocean has to offer! Types of Salmon …

Alaskan Anglers fishing group with charter boat guide.

Licensed Alaskan Fishing Guides Wanted!

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Are you a licensed Alaskan fishing guide who enjoys taking both beginners and experts out for a good time? If so, we have the job for you! Spend the Summer in Gustavus, Alaska What better way to spend the summer than guiding a chartered fishing excursion in the beautiful Alaskan waters. From June through mid-September, you can experience great people, …

3 men holding their Alaskan caught salmon.

You Caught A Bunch of Fish, Now What?

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After the trip of a lifetime, you return home with an ice chest full of fish. You may be wondering, how do I store all this fish and how do I prepare it to taste the best it can? Well even though you left the Last Frontier, we are still here to help you enjoy your catch, wherever you are.   …

Alaskan Anglers fishing crew out on the beautiful waters of Gustavus, Alaska.

A Look Back on the 2021 Season

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After such a long year, the 2021 fishing season was a well-needed breath of fresh air! Not only for us, but all those who joined us this summer. We had such a great season and wanted to share some of the highlights from it! What Did This Season Entail? 80 days of fishing madness kept us busy this season! We …

Friends enjoying Alaska fishing with Alaskan Anglers.

Summer is Not Over in Alaska

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For many, August is a sign that Summer is drawing to a close. People will take less vacation and return back to work full time, kids will begin to go back to school, and temperatures will begin to slowly drop.  While all this may be true, we here in Gustavus, Alaska are still in full summer mode. August is the …