Alaska Sport Fishing: Thrill of a Lifetime

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Dolly Varden and Halibut fishing in Alaska is the most thrilling experience with magnificent views and fantastic wildlife. It’s the perfect opportunity to get away from the crowd and acquire a new skill or improve your technique out on the open sea. If you are getting ready to plan a trip, the best time to catch Dolly Varden and Halibut is May through September. Halibut and Dolly Varden each have unique features, and there are many different ways to enjoy your fish. 

Let’s dive right in to discover more about Halibut and Dolly Varden!

Special Features: Halibut and Dolly Varden

Curious to learn more about the fish you are planning to catch? Here are some interesting facts to know before you head out.


  • Appearance: Halibut have flat, diamond-shaped bodies, and their upper side is mottled gray to dark brown. Their underside is usually white. 
  • Diet: Halibut feed on plankton during the first year, then as they grow, they eat small-shrimp-like organisms. They eventually move onto various fish, as well as octopus and crab.
  • Unique Feature: Halibut have two eyes at birth, one on each side. After six months, the left eye migrates to the right side.
  • Size: Halibut is the largest flatfish in the ocean and swims sideways. They are 1-8 feet long and weigh about 5-500 pounds.

Dolly Varden

  • Appearance: Dolly Vardens look almost identical to, and are commonly mistaken for, bull trout. They are not the same species. Dolly Varden is a char, not a trout, due to its light spots on a dark body. 
  • Diet: Dollies are not picky eaters, and these aggressive fish feed on salmon roe, insects, and various fish species. 
  • Lifespan and Size: Average, Dollies can reach 12-25 inches and weigh 1-6 pounds. They don’t live long, about 5-6 years.

How to Cook and Serve Your Fresh Catch

Now that you know a little more about Halibut and Dolly Varden, it’s time to learn how to cook your fish and discover food pairings that complement your catch.

Cooking Your Fish

Halibut is rich in protein and other essential nutrients, which means it’s a healthy choice for sure. No doubt about it! The meat is white with a mild flavor, and it’s best pan-fried with a simple sauce. You can grill and bake halibut as well. Halibut is easy to make and cooks within 20 minutes, depending on the cooking method. 

Dolly Varden’s taste is rich and mild, a cross between a salmon and a trout. If you want to use your fish for other dishes than one, you can smoke it and use the leftovers in a dip, add to rice, or in a salad. In addition, Dolly Varden can also be grilled, broiled, and pan-fry, seasoned with salt and pepper.

Food Pairings

Dolly Varden and Halibut pair well with white wine and fresh vegetables. For halibut, flavorful sides like seasoned rice, sauteed mushrooms, savory potatoes, and quinoa are a delicious addition.

Ready to take a break and escape to Alaska?

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