Brown bear with an Alaskan salmon in its mouth.

Reel In the New Year With Alaskan Salmon

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Not only do we love fresh caught Alaskan Salmon, but so does the wildlife around us! Isn’t it amazing that Alaskan wildlife is going after the same catches you are! While the bears can only find the salmon hanging out in freshwater, our fishing excursions will bring you to find the best the ocean has to offer!

Types of Salmon

Non-anglers may think of salmon as a tasty pink fish, but there are many different types of salmon. Not only that, they are located in different areas and are best caught at different times of the season. Alaskan salmon are our favorite variety with their feisty personalities and scrumptious flavor. Gustavus, Alaska is the perfect place to fish for them and we know exactly when the best time to catch them is. Read along for the scoop and soon you’ll be looking like a real angler!

King Salmon

This fish is the largest of all the salmon, many times they exceed 30 pounds when full grown. It is no wonder why this marvelous fish is called the King! This salmon is also the Alaska state fish due to it being a native species that dominates in numbers from the ocean to the rivers. They have the coloring of a blue-gray back with black spots and silver sides.

Considered the best of the best, the King Salmon can be found throughout the fishing season. In other areas of the world, the King Salmon is referred to as Chinook Salmon. Anglers can expect this salmon to peak May through July. 

The King Salmon is a family favorite across the world and roasts nicely with lemon and rosemary. Talk about flavor!

Sockeye Salmon

The Sockeye Salmon is also known as the Red Salmon. While they may not appear red when they are out at sea, when they return to their spawning grounds the fish turn a bright red color on their bodies. When in the ocean, they have iridescent silver bodies with a white belly and a metallic green/blue top. This salmon is smaller than most salmon ranging from 4-15 pounds

Sockeye Salmons are the hardest of the salmon to catch as their peak is only during July. While June, August, and September provide for some catches, the chances of reeling in a sockeye slim down.

If you are able to hook this gorgeous catch, it pairs deliciously with a lemon herb rub and a chilled Pinot Noir.

Coho Salmon

This particular salmon has the characteristics of a very shiny silver body and bright red flesh. Looking similar to the King Salmon, it can be distinguished by the lighter pigment on the gumline of its lower jaw. When they travel upstream, they develop a maroon coloring on their bellies. They usually weigh between 8 to 12 pounds

Coho Salmon, also known as Silvers, can be found after the first month of the fishing season. Starting off well in June and picking up from July to September, fishing for Coho Salmon is excellent for anglers of all sportsman levels.

This sparkling catch explodes in your mouth when paired with a fresh pesto sauce and a glass of Sauvignon Blanc. Our mouths are watering just thinking about it!

Alaskan Angler excursion with freshly caught Alaskan Salmon

Fishing With Alaskan Anglers

From freshwater to saltwater, we know how to catch Salmon. If that is your goal during your Alaskan fishing excursion we will put you right where you can make that happen. If one of these gorgeous fish caught your eye, refer to our tips about the best time to catch the certain breeds. 

Don’t miss the opportunity to show off your knowledge of salmon. Book your week long Alaskan fishing vacation and prepare for good eats, relaxing accommodations, and amazing fishing!